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Before it was a given that Prince would become famous he put himself all out there and made sure no matter what no one would forget him.  As a company that has been making Leg Warmers since the 1980’s when Prince first started we connect deeply with the eye catching Thigh High look and mourn his passing.  So much amazing music and dazzling dramatic performances that would have full arenas on their feet dancing with him song after song.  Follow your passion! Prince touring for his first record Dirty Mind 1980, the first recording of "When You Were Mine,” that Cyndi Lauper went on to make a hit. #Prince #Dirtymind #80’s #PurpleOne #LegWarmers #CyndiLauper #dance #performer #Passion

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KD dance Celebrates Eryc Taylor Dance 10th Anniversary Performance

  It takes dedication and drive to run a professional avant-garde Ballet Based Contemporary Dance Company in the NYC.  Eryc Taylor @ErycTaylorDance & KD dance have collaborated years in the past creating iconic photos so we are giving away tickets to his 10 year Anniversary celebration performance of his company at Martha Graham Center this weekend October 21.   If not in NYC area we will give away a pair of shorts to one male and one female contestant.   NYC winner will also receive two pair of tickets for Friday the 21st & KD dance shorts.   Contest Rules: Post a picture of yourself in Back Atitude and tag it on Instagram: #KDdanceNewYork & #ErycTaylorDance @KDdanceNewYork @ErycTaylorDance on Instagram. Contest...

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Petite Women's Delight

No secret that Ballerinas keep their bodies in amazing shape and are often slender and fit. We've been designing clothing for Ballet and professional dancers for over 30 years and often hear from adult women how they want fashionable clothing but in sizing that many would consider child or young adult. The KD dance stretch knit fabric and petite sizing is meant for Truely Petite bodies.  In the past 20 years so called "Vanity Sizing" has made it such that size 2 to 4 folks are ordering XS and smaller women are left searching for child clothes that look adult.  Not everybody has this issue but for those who do we our smaller sizes will be a delight.  Please see our size chart...

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Dance Parade NYC 2016

A few weeks ago downtown NYC hosted The Yearly Dance Parade @danceparadenyc that is increasingly drawing dancers from everywhere.  The Parade conveniently leads into Tompkins Square Park in the East Village where it turns into an all day string of performances and outdoor dance party. We don’t see much Western style in NYC but have so many loyal customers from the South and of course the Proud State of Texas.   The Aggie Wranglers from Texas A&M University’s Country & Western Exhibition Dance Team made the trip up to NYC to dance the Parade and lead a dance class in Tompkins Sq Park that jaded New Yorkers participated in – in the rain no less. Here we see the Aggie Wranglers...

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Gvantsa & Otar Gavasheli

Seen here are married dancers Gvantsa & Otar Gavasheli @gvantsagavasheli11 & Otar @oto.kh from Georgia - the Country - who are professional dancers in NYC.   This weeks contest is open to male or female to win for a woman the matching set of Low Rise Stretch Knit Tights & Off Shoulder Top pictured here in Purple. Or for men a pair of our Stretch Knit Shorts for men along with a pair of KrinkleSpun Leg Warmers. Contest Rules: Tag your favorite Dancer, Favorite Dance Company or Dance School, Follow & Like. Contest Ends May 11th. Winners are named when they send us pictures wearing them. http://KDdanceNewYork.com Seen here are married dancers Gvantsa @gvantsagavasheli11 & Otar @oto.kh from Georgia - the Country...

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