KD dance Celebrates Eryc Taylor Dance 10th Anniversary Performance

Lydia Haug KD dance New York Slouchy Leg Warmers DTW Eryc Taylor Dance
It takes dedication and drive to run a professional avant-garde Ballet Based Contemporary Dance Company in the NYC.  Eryc Taylor @ErycTaylorDance & KD dance have collaborated years in the past creating iconic photos so we are giving away tickets to his 10 year Anniversary celebration performance of his company at Martha Graham Center this weekend October 21.
If not in NYC area we will give away a pair of shorts to one male and one female contestant.   NYC winner will also receive two pair of tickets for Friday the 21st & KD dance shorts.
Contest Rules: Post a picture of yourself in Back Atitude and tag it on Instagram:
#KDdanceNewYork & #ErycTaylorDance @KDdanceNewYork @ErycTaylorDance on Instagram. Contest ends Thursday night October 20th.
Eryc Taylor & KD dance have collaborated years ago taking iconic photos such as Lydia Haug @loveslug83 who danced with ETD during his 2009 season seen during warming up and making it look easy in KD dance Slouchy Leg Warmers, Ballet Top and Shorts.
Eryc Taylor Dance will present the U.S. premiere of their 10-Year Anniversary Performance, a special evening of dance featuring seven contemporary dance works. The 10-Year Anniversary Performance features seven works with multiple narratives, choreographed by Eryc Taylor in collaboration with company members. 
Tickets available online at etd.nyc
Notice to New Choreographers in NYC:  Every year Eryc Taylor Dance gives out three financial grants to young, aspiring NYC-based choreographers. Eryc works with each of them guiding them through the process of creating a new piece.  After three months a works-in-progress showing is hosted by ETD at a NYC venue.  
Eryc Taylor Dance etd.nyc 10th year Anniversary Martha Graham
As for giving back to the community In 2013 Eryc Taylor developed workshops; “Movement Expressions” “Breath & Energy,” that focus on creating a serene, safe environment for nonprofessional dance students to create an outlet to express their emotions and heal their pain, physical & mental, through movement.  Currently, ETD is curating five dance therapy workshops per week, at five different Graduate Center of Mental Health resident housing facilities in NYC.

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