New York Black / Large Maternity Dress & Yoga Leggings @KDdanceNewYork #MadeInUSA - 1
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Maternity Dress & Yoga Leggings @KDdanceNewYork #MadeInUSA - 3
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KD dance New York

Maternity Dress & Yoga Leggings

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Presenting the Yoga Mom Du Jour Matching Pregnancy Fitness Set of Off Shoulder Knee High Dress and matching Low Rise Yoga Leggings. Stretchy and form fitting, yet not claustrophobic, with complete breath and move ability. Shrinks to original after each wash. A snazzy top that can jump from comfy to hip on the town in a flash. Modest and curve flattering in your favorite colors.

This sexy work horse is also great for cuddling up and easy nursing. Great for being aware of your posture and feeling vibrant with your body. Easy and fun to wear, fashionable, comfortable and cute no matter what the occasion.

As with most KD dance New York pieces this sexy sweater is as fashion versatile as it is sexy, unique and comfortable. Worn elegantly with heels to thigh high boots or our matching tights and leg warmers for countless different looks, so no matter what the weather you are Fashionable and Cozy.


We have not adapted to Big Box Store Sizing and do not support plus sizing. These dresses are intended for those who when not pregnant would match our current size chart. If you would wear our medium just before getting pregnant order a medium. If that is the case but your breasts have gotten way bigger than expected (over 38D) contact us for special sizing and or order larger.

Light colors require light or matching under garments, they are not always completely opaque, will require a strapless bra. Any sizing questions please contact us.

Seen here is New York City Queens native and Yogi Extraordinaire Rana Lee, 5 8 tall wearing Chocolate Mediums. Check our her Yoga Mom du Jour Yoga Pregnancy workout videos



Photography by Garvey Rich

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