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For over 30 years KD dance New York has been dedicated to making the finest fashionable knit dancewear in the world.  Our factory, where we produce all our items, is located in the South Bronx of New York City, one Subway stop from Yankee Stadium.  

KD dance New York is in business solely because we love what we do.  Our returning customers often say our clothes make them feel like dancing, practicing yoga or they just love the amazing way they make them feel & look.  So its only natural we do our best to keep prices reasonable, quality standards high & love our customers back the best we can.    

KD dance was created by two young dancers on tour with the Oakland Ballet in 1980 & is run by David Lee – the D in KD – who has a similar work ethic – sans the belly - of  the famous 1983 “Time To Make The Donuts” Dunkin Donut commercial character.   Except instead of freshly made Donuts we’re making Leg Warmers, Dance inspired Fashionable Dresses, Wraps, Tights & Shorts daily.  If too young to remember the commercial check it out on YouTube its classic.  

KD dance New York is an environmentally friendly company that keeps little stock & makes most orders as they are placed.  This often enables us to give our customers a level of attention that is absent for the average retailer.
Our sizing is old fashion in the sense that we have not followed the trend of making an Extra Large a Medium & we do not make plus sizes at this time. 

Our timeless knit Ballet Tops, Shorts & Tights have been featured in Vogue, W, Allure, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Shape, Fitness, The New York Times & even Psychology Today.  Performers who have worn our clothes include Britney SpearsJennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes, Brooke Shields & Cher.   

Since the financial crisis the number of Yarn Mills in America has dwindled from 138 to two.  Sourcing high quality North American and Italian yarn at times can be challenging.   If you have a performance or engagement date you must have the item by please feel free to write us.
Our Gauze like knit makes our clothing completely fashion versatile able to create looks all your own. Much like putting your hair up or down our signature Ballet Top can jump from office sweater or dress to dialed up get noticed bare shoulders on the dance floor in a moments notice.  Our fabrics are blended to stretch, flow & accent your curves & unique sense of living in the moment beauty. Which is why dancing or dinning in KD dance the beauty is you.
Thank you for reading & warm regards from New York City.
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