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KD dance New York Size Chart & Customer Support

For the fastest customer support please first email us.  This eliminates repeating order numbers, addresses, etc.  If inquiring about sizing please write us with your measurements by number, ie height, 36 28 36, Bra Size, desired usage ie yoga, dance, photoshoot, around the house and age.  Sending us a letter saying you usually wear a small does not give us the information we need to properly size you.

We know how difficult it can be for people ordering for others.   In this case please try to describe the person as best you can.  Sizing in other brands can be helpful but inconsistent.  Feel free to send a picture and or as stated above, approximate height, measurements & desired usage.  Please first read our sizing chart below.


If you must call, our customer support line is: +1 646 481 9715  However, we are not always available to answer and response from emails is much faster from US Based Support. 

KD dance New York Size Chart
Read Carefully & Check Ego At The Door

** Leg & Arm Warmers Are One Size Fits All
With No Size Variation **

For orders other than Leg & Arm Warmers please read carefully for how our cut works on different body types. As stressed on our product pages we are cut small when compared to average American or Big Box Store sizing.  

If you need to make a size change please contact us as fast as possible by responding to this email, not calling.

If you ordered an Extra Small because that is what you usually purchase at Big Box or Chain Stores you may need a Larger Size from us.  Please read on...

If you are tall but slim please order larger as we are primarily length based.  Meaning our cut provides more coverage or length while not expanding dramatically in width.  

If tall and curvy definitely order larger.  On the inverse of the equation, if you are curvy the extra length will provide more coverage without being too long, baggy or miss proportioned due to the stretch in our knits.  

For petite busty women ordering Extra Smalls, please up your order to Medium as you will need the room for your chest and the stretch knit will still accentuate your waist.   

For sizing questions, especially on orders other than Leg & Arm Warmers, please respond to this email instead of calling as soon as possible for fastest response, phone calls might not be answered in time to adjust your order.

Please when writing include your approximate measurements, plus height & weight and intended usage so we can adjust your order if needed. If ordering tops or dresses please include your cup size & chest measurements, for shorts, tights & dresses the butt, hip width and dress size by number.  

For guys ordering for their woman with no clue of their sizing just try your best, be descriptive and if you have to measure the size of your hand from wrist to tip of middle finger and use that as a measurement guide of how many handfuls.  

We are serious about trying our best to get it right the first time, so feel free to send pictures, we will not post them on the internet or share with anyone.

Our items are knits and if ordering light colors please be advised you will need to wear matching or nude under garments and it can be advised to size up so the knit does not need to stretch as much as they might not fit in an opaque manor conservative types might desire.


Note About Metallics:  If ordering Metallic leg warmers or dresses as a gift please be sure who ever they are intended for are true Metallic lovers because while they look very cool these can be coarse against bare skin & not soft like our non Metallic fabrics.

If you have any changes or specific requests such as a different size for top or bottom in an outfit or a must have item for a planned date, performance or night out, please write us.  Customer loyalty has kept us in business for over 30 years, we live for you to be happy in our clothes, so please write with any & all issues.

KD dance Size Chart by US Sizing:

X Small:  Minus 4 to 0
Small:     Minus 2 to 2
Medium:    2 to 6
Large:      4 to 8
X Large:   8 to 12


KD dance US Size Chart by Height:

X Small:   4 6 to 5 1
Small:      5 0 to 5 5
Medium:    5 3 to 5 8
Large:      5 6 to 5 10
X Large:   5 8 to 5 11

KD dance New York UK Sizing

Extra Small: Minus 2 to 4
Small: 4 to 6
Medium: 8 to 12
Large: 10 to 12
Extra Large: 12 to 16

KD dance UK Sizing by Height Metric (cm)

Extra Small: 142 to 155
Small: 152.5 to 160
Medium: 160 to 172
Large: 165 to 177.5
Extra Large: 167 to 183

Please email us with any questions.




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