Five Pack Black Charcoal Bub Pink Lavender & Cream Girls Loose Knit Slouchy Knee High Leg Warmers Ballet Age 4 - 10 KD dance New York Child Legwarmers Made In USA @KDdanceNewYork #MadeInUSA - 1

KD dance New York

Girls Loose Knit Slouchy Knee High Leg Warmers Ballet Age 4 - 10 KD dance New York Child Legwarmers Made In USA

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Knee High Slouchy Loose Knit KD dance New York Child Leg Warmers in the colors of your choice. Designed to flow with your every movement. Sized specifically for children, not adults.

KD dance was created by young professional dancers knitting outfits while on tour in 1980 and has since grown to be known as the makers of the finest knit dance wear worldwide, mainly because of the complexity of manufacturing high-quality knits.

High-quality fabric and design in unique colors make KD dance New York leg warmers stand out from the pack as both fashion items and the mark of a professional dancer. Made in America KD dance New York Leg Warmers are built to retain their color and snap wash after wash.

These slouchy Leg Warmers are specifically meant to be worn over a fabric such as stockings, tights or jeans that will enable to them to stay up. Since they do not have Lycra in them they are specifically meant for dancers / people who prefer a loose nonconstricting warmth on their legs rather than our stretch knit leg warmers which stay up better without a fabric underneath. There is no better between the stretch and nonstretch as it is a matter of personal preference and fashion sense.

  • 17 Inch Knee High Child Sized Leg Warmers
  • 100% High-End No Itch Acrylic - Soft and Comfortable on Bare Skin
  • KD dance New York Makers of the Finest Dancewear In The World: Chic and Durable, Retains Fit and Brilliance Wash After Wash
  • Made in New York City Sold Worldwide
  • Freedom of Expression, Designed to Flow to Your Every Movement

Available in Colors or Colours for our British Speaking Friends:

Burgundy, Dark Raspberry, Lavender, Denim, Chocolate, Bubble Gum Pink, New York Black, Red, Teal, Powder Blue, Light Grey, Marine, Purple / Plum, Pink, Peach, Olive, Oatmeal, Navy Blue, Brown, Cream, Charcoal, White. If you do not see the color of your choice and/or it is listed as out of stock, feel free to write us.

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