New York Black - KrinkleSpun / Small Off Shoulder Dress @KDdanceNewYork #MadeInUSA - 1
Off Shoulder Dress @KDdanceNewYork #MadeInUSA - 2
Off Shoulder Dress @KDdanceNewYork #MadeInUSA - 3
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KD dance New York

Off Shoulder Dress

$ 38.95
New York Black - KrinkleSpun
Pink - KrinkleSpun
Royal Blue - KrinkleSpun
Cactus - KrinkleSpun
Charcoal - Krinklespun
White - KrinkleSpun
Peach - KrinkleSpun
Red - KrinkleSpun
Cream - KrinkleSpun
Lavender - KrinkleSpun
Aubergine - KrinkleSpun
Sexy Mesh Dress by KD dance New York in KrinkleSpun Yarn mixed with extra Nylon for a soft durable semi-gloss look.

The dress is loose fitting and fashion versatile to create looks all your own by tying a knot to accentuate your own unique beauty. Pictured with our Stretch Knit Shorts and a dark Bandeau worn underneath which can be purchased at this link.  

Note: KD dance New York has not adapted to Vanity Plus Size Sizing, Please read the Sizing Chart above & write us with any questions. If this is a gift we can get it right the first time if you send us approximate measurements including height & weight.

KD dance New York is known as a high-quality fashionable dance inspired line.

Performers from Cher, Jennifer Lopez & Britney Spears have worn KD dance on stage. Celebrities seen at the KD dance store South Bronx NYC: Bill Murray, Christy Turlington, Brooke Shields, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Yogi Rodney Yee & many more.

KD dance makes inventive knits that are comfortable, soft, breathe & hug the body like no other clothing can.

Seen here is Model is 5 8 Size 2 In Mediumcolor New York Black.



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